I am doing GOOD

Amanecer Junto A La Luz

It is that nightmare, you and I feared;

 waking up and finding yourself in tears.

It all changed in less than a day;

his life crushed and forever gone.

A mother, her love and his soul;

I prayed against death and loss.

Youth, a bad ghoul and injustice;

warrior awakens for our youngsters.

My soul crushed and tested by God;

and the new ministry chosen for Love.

While counting the blessings from above;

eyes are still screaming in tears that ordeal.

Although unspeakable pain is trapped within,

what matters the most will always come above.

Entrusting that time will be taking care of the pain;

God will continue showing me his love and ways.

All forces conspiring to empower this soul,

by bringing the best new soldiers to war.

In absence of the strength to support,

old friends were outlined and lost.

If this defines, that I am doing good;

Thank You, for the prayers and support.

Thank You my God, for holding my soul.

I can see my heart, it’s half way full;

Thank You, I am doing GOOD.

With Love,

Carol Kohn