Letter to My Son in Heaven

A sad and unexpected life change, from the moment GOD decided to take you back. Dear son SEBASTIAN, you are my little Angel that GOD shared with me once. You, my beautiful boy, went back to GOD and with a broken heart I had to say Goodbye.

I Thank GOD for giving Us an Angel, who reminded us what unconditional Love is all about.

SEBASTIAN, your light will always shine and your smile brought joy into the lives of people that met you. Thank you for choosing us to be your family. You were the most kind, noble and caring person I ever met and your happiness was everything for me. Your kindness and noble heart will forever be remembered. As promised to you, Mommy is committed to help other children and their families. No one should ever suffer the loss of a child or a loved one to suicide. I wish I knew you were struggling and stressed with bullying at school; I wish many things were different for you in school.

It is the Love and Care for others that keeps me standing. No one should ever suffer the loss of a child and we can’t continue losing children because of bullying in school. I have started 10-8 InService to honor you, my dear SEBASTIAN. I pledged to you that I will help in making a difference in our schools and our communities and save other children and people’s lives.

SEBASTIAN you were an artist by nature, the best pencil drawing artist, your creativity had no boundaries, you would build the biggest lego set without even looking at the instructions. You had a brilliant mind, that could tear apart any mechanical equipment and then figure out the system on your own. Lover of nature, chocolates and a natural origami expert. You were the most loving and caring brother. The official in-house babysitter to your baby brother Oliver and a great big brother to Benjamin.

I am comforted in knowing that we will meet again, in Heaven. I will forever LOVE YOU. We Miss You EVERYDAY.


With Love,